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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

Biomimetics Application

Research Focus

Dr. Sarah Motta

Sarah Motta is currently group leader and lead scientist on an ERC and a SNSF funded projects. The projects are focused on the preclinical development and validation of aortic tissue-engineered heart valves suitable for minimally-invasive applications. These prostheses have the unique ability to transform into a fully autologous valve within the body and last for life. In details, the project aims at engineering a novel xenogeneic-free decellularized human matrix and a bioresorbable stent, and finally apply an unconventional bioengineering approach combining in-vitro, in-silico, and in-vivo tissue engineering methods. Since 2018, Sarah is appointed as Research Associate at the Disease Biophysics Group (DBG) at Harvard University as well as at the Wyss Institute of Zurich.

Group Members

PhD Students
Arian Ehterami
Valery Visser

This Group is part of the ERC project TAVI4Life of Prof. Maximilian Emmert