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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

Cell and Tissue Engineering

Research Focus

Regenerative medicine aims at controlling the process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs with the ultimate goal to restore or establish normal function. The overarching aim of our research is the development and in vitro generation of novel, cell based therapies.

Our research is supported by various national and international grant agencies including EU (FP7, MarieSklodowska-Curie), SNF, SwissTransMed,  Schweizerische Herzstiftung, Alfred und Anneliese Sutter-Stöttner Stiftung, Forschung Stiftung 3R, Olga Mayenfisch Stiftung, Emdo Stiftung Zürich, etc.

Simon P. Hoerstrup
Simon P. Hoerstrup, MD, PhD
Maximilian Y. Emmert
Maximilian Y. Emmert, MD, PhD

Major projects

Pluripotent Cells & iPSC Core (Dr. Melanie Generali, Head iPSC,  group leader)

Matrix Technologies (Dr. Marcy Martin, junior group leader)

Biomimetics Applications (Dr. Sarah Motta, junior group leader)