BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation (BEI) program

BEI discussion with team

From Scientist to BioEntrepreneur - Creation of a Marketable Product

The efficient translation of scientific inventions and innovations into novel therapies, services, and products is a key factor of the life science success model in Switzer­land. In recent years, the combination of Zurich’s vast talent pool and excellent research institutions, has given rise to a number of successful spin-off companies.

To further strengthen this academic value creation environment, IREM has established the BioEntre­preneur­ship & Innovation (BEI) program. The BEI program offers hands-on education and training for researchers in the field of Life Science, MedTech, and Pharma who aspire to become successful BioEntrepreneurs.

Guided by experienced and successful Entrepreneurs and Experts in Residence, BEI program participants learn how to bring ideas and research results to the market and how to overcome classic founders’ pitfalls. The BEI program addresses essential skills and know-how for the creation of a spin-off company, e.g., intellectual property, development of a business plan, basics in legal, finances and regulatory affairs, and negotiation strategies as well as sales pitch training.