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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

BEI program - 2024 details

From January 2024, the BEI program will be streamlined to offer a focused modular course system comprising only two key modules: A and B.

  • Module A, Kickoff: Delve into a comprehensive introduction to BioEntrepreneurship.
  • Module B, Fundamentals: Equip yourself with indispensable entrepreneurial insights spanning intellectual property, regulatory affairs, clinical development, foundational law and finance, product evolution, marketing, and pivotal soft skills.

Modular course system

BEI Modules

Module A: Kick-Off

The main learning objectives of Module A are to get a taste of BioEntrepreneurship, building a team, developing a business idea as well as preparing and presenting a first company pitch.

Participants can either bring their own business idea or jump on another project. Teams are built according to the 3H principle. This means setting up a diverse team consisting of a Hipster, a Hacker and a Hustler.

As a special extra, we have a line-up of successful start-up founders who share their experiences and knowledge on how to become a start-up entrepreneur in the fields of BioTech, MedTech and Pharma. These speakers also coach how to avoid the most common beginner's mistakes when developing products from ideas to launching them on the market.

The general business idea that has been created in Module A can be further refined in Module B. However, there is also the option to pursue a different idea by joining a new team.

Info sheet Module A 2024 (PDF, 104 KB)

Module B: Fundamentals

The learning objective of Module B is to deepen understanding of the professional requirements for a start-up venture and to translate this knowledge into a specific business case.

Module B covers essential topics such as intellectual property (IP), regulatory affairs, hard and soft facts, networks, financial and legal aspects of founding a company. Each topic will be presented by an expert with extensive knowledge in the specific field. This enables professional networks to be built and facilitates contact with professionals who might otherwise be difficult to meet.

While acquiring knowledge on how to setup a start-up company, participants continuously develop and refine their founding idea and product development and refine their pitches.

Ideally, projects launched in Module A would be continued in Module B, but there is also the possibility to come up with a new idea and form or join another team.

Info sheet Module B 2024 (PDF, 119 KB)

Weiterführende Informationen

Course Series 2024

BEI program 2024

Module A: Kickoff (info)

[Spring dates: 21.02 & 06.03. 2024 (fully booked)]

Fall dates: 29.10 & 12.11. 2024

Each course day from 13:00 - 17:00


Module B: Fundamentals, 10 weekly sessions (info

Course dates: 21.08 (on-site), 28.08 (on-site), 04.09 (online), 11.09 (on-site), 18.09 (online), 25.09 (online), 02.10 (on-site), 09.10 (on-site), 16.10 (online), 23.10.2024 (on-site)

Each course day from 13:00 - 17:00