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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM


One of BEI’s centerpieces is the interaction between experts and participants, but also between participants of various backgrounds.

Get an impression of the vivid and diverse program by watching the BEI 2022 summary video.

To see more impressions from our previous sessions, please check this video.

Since the BEI program’s launch in 2016, various teams have participated in the program – with start-up ideas in the field of BioTech, MedTech and Pharmaceuticals. Check out the diversity of ideas and get inspired for your own project.

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We make antibiotic resistance testing faster.

Novel liquid helium mini-cryostats integrated in cryo-TEM sample holders


EraCal Therapeutics Ltd.

More about EraCal Therapeutics Ltd.

Overcoming the metabolic syndrome

Insider Therapeutics

Insider Therapeutics

Assembling target-focused chemical libraries for screening

We provide a method to reduce the risk of preterm birth related to fetoscopic interventions.


Advancing therapeutic options in drug-resistant cancers

Gene therapy solutions for patients with severe inherited diseases


MGME Neurotech

Improve individual mental health and combat the devastating effects of work-related stress.

Trojan Therapeutics


Next generation of cell-based immunotherapy for breast cancer.



Adding the third dimension to cells.


MUVON Therapeutics

Autologous cell therapy platform for the treatment of diseases related to skeletal muscle damage or degradation.