Research Interests

Signalling mechanisms of neurite outgrowth

20 years ago we discovered the nerve fiber growth inhibiting protein Nogo-A. We described that Nogo-A is mainly present in the myelin sheath surrounding axons and we developed functionally blocking antibodies against Nogo-A to confirm its inhibitory role in cell culture experiments and in vivo.

The Nogo receptor complex and Nogo induced intracellular signaling

An extensive Nogo-A fragment analysis has demonstrated the existence of 3 active sites for inhibition of neurite outgrowth and cell spreading. The Nogo receptor NgR has been shown to bind to different nerve outgrowth inhibitory proteins (Nogo-A, MAG, Omgp). The search for a Nogo-A specific receptor complex is still ongoing.

Nogo-A induces a rapid collapse of the actin cytoskeleton of growth cones mediated by different proteins. Experiments to explore the intracellular signaling of Nogo-A, the internalization by endocytosis of soluble Nogo fragments and Nogo receptor complexes are underway.