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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

Decipher cognitive aging and Alzheimer's Disease

Research Focus

Alzheimer’s disease is among the major health challenges of our aging society. However up to 40% of cases may be prevented by risk factor modification. Preventive measures would benefit from an in depth understanding of the processes deciding whether an individual will age healthy or develop cognitive impairment. Thus our project focuses on modelling the early processes leading to Alzheimer’s disease or healthy aging. We are investigating the complex interaction between lifestyle, genetics, and major health factors and their influence on blood based and neuroimaging markers of beginning cerebral pathologies and ultimately how this incipient pathologies influence cognition and Quality of Life in the elderly.

Gietel Anton
Dr. med. Anton Gietl
Treyer Valerie
PD Dr. sc. nat. Valerie Treyer

Group Members

PhD Students
Dario Bachmann
Maha Wybitul

Dr. med. Anton Gietl
PD Dr. sc. nat. Valerie Treyer