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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

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Center for Therapy Development - GMP

The Center for Therapy Development - GMP comprises the emerging interdisciplinary field of research and clinical applications focused on tissue engineering and cell-based therapies. The goal is to apply the principles of regenerative medicine and technologies to “next generation therapies”.

The unit is located near by the University Hospital Zurich, the University of Zurich, and ETH Zurich. As an interdisciplinary translational research center and core facility for “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP), the Center for Therapy Development aims at the efficient translation of basic biomedical research to applied regenerative therapies. As such, it enables the integration of various basic science and clinical research activities, including developmental biology, cell biology, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering and biomaterial science. A combination of approaches such as gene therapy, stem cell transplantation, macro and micro-scale tissue engineering, functionalized biomaterials, and the reprogramming of cell and tissue types is utilized.

The Cell- and Tissue Biobank (CTBB) of the Center for Therapy Development - GMP offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology e.g.   controlled rate freezer and an uninterrupted sample cooling management. It is structured into two areas, including research and GMP regulated therapeutic applications.

The enrollment of clinical studies in the field of regenerative medicine and technologies according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is undertaken in collaboration with Swissmedic and the related international authorities (e.g. EMA, FDA) and fostered by the Wyss Zurich.

The Center for Therapy Development/GMP aspires to be the premier Swiss focus for research, training and technology transfer in regenerative medicine.


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