Foto mario jenni

"I often see business cases failing because of a lack in leadership, market view, liquidity planning etc. I highly appreciate the new study program of the University of Zurich in BioMed Entrepreneurship. It will close the business-related knowledge gap in life sciences and prepare students in entrepreneurship and for industry positions."

Mario Jenni

Co-founder and CEO Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich

Foto Mario Stark



"As an entrepreneur, it is critically important to gather the best and brightest around you - and shape them into a team to conquer the world!"

Mario Stark

CEO Vivor AG, Startup Campus expert

Foto Nicola Benz


"Every entrepreneur should have a basic understanding of the legal aspects of business. An introduction to law will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of running a business and to make your business idea a success."

Nicola Benz

Attorney at Law, FRORIEP Legal AG

Foto Michael Grau
"Damit wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zu einem Produkt werden, bedarf es eines Business Cases. Dieser muss potentielle Investoren überzeugen, die für die Produktentwicklung notwendigen Finanzmittel zur Verfügung zu stellen. Das Minor Programm gibt den Studierenden einen ersten Einblick über die Voraussetzungen zur erfolgreichen Gründung eines Start Up."
Michael Grau
CFO KurosBiosciences
Nadja und Nora von Cococo

"With co-co-co we design analogue, digital and collaborative formats for the development of innovative results. Problems and questions are developed together to clear and tangible solutions. Thinking through making leads to creativity of all participants, agile proceesses and a human-centered cultural change. Nora and Nadja will lead you through an intense co-creation workshop. You will learn how to find new ideas and concepts within a short time."

Nadja Müller and Nora Gailer

Designers and Co-founders co-co-co

Bild Jan Fülscher


"I believe that in these very uncertain and volatile times, understanding entrepreneurship is a key asset. Being an entrepreneur is not only a skill; it's a mindset which will help you under any circumstances and wherever you are."

Jan Fülscher

President and CEO of Senozon, Start-up expert and ambassador

Bild Priska Rüegg

"Roche Innovation Center Zuric (RICZ) is a pharma research center for cancer immunotherapy. We offer exciting career opportunities, particular in our focus on the development engineered antibodies that address unmet clinical needs. As such, RICZ has a vivid interest in external innovation from biotech and spin-out companies."

Priska Rüegg

Head Finance & Operation Roche Glycart

Bild Karim Maizar

"As head of the Kellerhals Carrard Startup Desk, I regularly support founders of life science startups. I believe that the new BioMed Entrepreneurship program will comprenensively prepare life scientists for this exciting career path."

Dr. iur. Karim Maizar

Partner Kellerhals Carrard, Co-founder and head Startup Desk

Bild Carole Ackermann

"As a seed investor, I listen to hundreds of pitches each year from entrepreneurs seeking advice or capital. Virtually most of them would be better prepared for the future by attending a program in entrepreneurship. Knowing that the risk of failure is high and not every idea leads to a successful spin-off course increases your value as appreciated (requested) hire after graduation."

Dr. oec. Carole Ackermann

CEO Diamondscull AG

Bild Michael Salzmann

"Neuroimmune is a Swiss clinical-stage biotechnology company translating human immune memory into therapeutics. We offer exciting career opportunities dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic antibodies for the treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative and other severe diseases. As we wish to bring the best talent to our team, we higly value the BioMed Entrepreneurship program to prepare students for a career in biotech.

Michael Salzmann, PhD

COO Neuroimmune AG

Bild Dominik Escher

"The BioMed Entrepreneurship is a great and very important program to show students the possibility how to start a Biotech company. I am very glad to support this initiative. I hope many new biotech companies will be launched to ultimately help patients with new treatments."

Dominik Escher, PhD

President Swiss Biotech Association, Executive Chairman CDR-Life