Disease Modelling

Research Focus:

The main focus of our research is the investigation of the in situ remodeling of vascular bioengineered implants in vivo. In a series of experiments our group has demonstrated the successful in vitro manufacture and in vivo implantation of different vascular bioengineered structures, including tissue engineered vascular grafts, heart valves, venous valves or vascular patch materials. In spite of the success in creating these replacement structures in vitro, only little is known about the actual remodeling mechanisms in vivo. However, this knowledge is of critical importance with regards to guiding the cellularization, scaffold (bio)degradation, and de-novo tissue formation in vivo. Therefore, our group has initiated several projects with this common denominator of elucidating mechanisms of in situ remodeling of vascular bioengineered structures. In addition, we aim at developing human-cell based bioengineered in vitro systems for studying human disease and vascular remodeling.