Cell-based Technologies

Research Focus:

Cell based 3D Organoid technologies for tissue regeneration

The overall aim of our research is the development of translational stem- and progenitor cell based therapeutic concepts for cardiac repair and regeneration. Besides the head-to-head evaluation of clinically-relevant cell sources for their cardioreparative potential, we particularly focus on advanced scaffold-free, three-dimensional bioengineered cell organoids (3D microtissues) which increase intramyocardial retention and can be delivered into in a minimally-invasive trans-catheter fashion. Based on a modified hanging drop method, our recently developed 3D microtissue technology platform allows for scaffold-free, automated and GMP-compliant 3D culture of different stem- and progenitor cell types to enhance the production of extracellular matrix, pro-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory factors prior to transplantation, thereby substantially increasing the therapeutic potential of stem cells.