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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

UZH Start-Up Funding for Young Innovators

In addition to its core responsibilities in research and teaching, the University of Zurich provides targeted funding for innovative projects. With its new BioEntrepreneur Fellowships, UZH supports junior researchers in adapting scholarly findings and technologies for commercial use. And thanks to a generous donation, UZH is now able to expand the program.

Frühgeborenes Baby
The new “oximeter” is able to make high-precision measurements of oxygen levels in body tissue of premature babies. (Image: USZ)

New discoveries and innovative technologies are part and parcel of cutting-edge research. And yet, the findings generate relatively few commercially successful products and services. Since the University of Zurich believes outstanding scholarship should serve the whole of society – that research isn’t an end in itself – it supports junior researchers in translating their findings and ideas into economically viable applications. This commitment is well worth the effort: UZH has over 300 active patents, and over 100 spin-off companies were founded based on findings made at the University.

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