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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

Current Studies

We investigate new medications and diagnostic procedures related to Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, we are conducting studies on dementia and healthy aging in general. We also examine ethics related research questions that influence our clinical work.

We are currently conducting the following studies in our institution:

Cohort Studies

We are continuously conducting extensive long-term studies investigating healthy aging and dementias.


Identification of Factors associated with long term Cognitive Performance and Healthy Aging

This study has the aim to identify factors associated with longterm cognitive performance and healthy aging. As a cohort study we monitor the subjects over a time range of eight years and collect data regarding their lifestyle as well as physical and neuropsychological performance. Furthermore, we conduct a diagnostic procedure via PET/MR.

For this study we are not recruiting new participants.


Imaging Tau Deposition in the Brain of Elderly Subjects

The study examines the connection between cerebral Tau deposition with clinical status and cerebral Amyloid-plaques, other biomarkers as well as social factors. In this study we only include subjects, who have already participated in one of our studies regarding Amyloid-PET.

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Taking part in clinical studies

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