UZH IncubatorLab Fellows

At the moment, seven talented young scientists with their innovative projects and teams, are hosted by the UZH IncubatorLab. Check out the projects’ websites for more detailed information.

  • Dr. Aldo Di Costanzo Mata: Development of a medical device to non-invasively quantify the blood glucose level in a continuous-transdermal self-calibrating fashion to detect hypo/hyperglycemia. Gluckli, Group Prof. Martin Wolf (Neonatologie, USZ)
  • Dr. Nagjie Alijaj: Development of non-invasive assays for the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of oncological diseases. ONtrack Diagnostics
  • Dr. Ruiqing Ni: Development of a photoacoustic tomography device for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. NeuroPAT
  • Dr. Jingjing Jiang: Pioneer system; Bedside near-infrared optical tomography system to image the brain oxygen saturation of preterm infants 
  • Kevin Yim: Rapid non-invasive detection of neonatal disease through liquid biopsies
  • Dr. Simon Bredl: Genetically re-programmed macrophages (MΦ) for immunotherapy of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)
  • Dr. Marcus Grüschow: BrainBoost - A novel neurofeedback training to enhance stress resilience and mental health