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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

New entrepreneur Dr. Jingjing Jiang joins UZH IncubatorLab

Jingjing Jiang

Dr. Jingjing Jiang won the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship and joined the UZH IncubatorLab in December 2021. Jingjing is developing Pioneer, a bedside near-infrared optical tomography system that will be used to image the brain oxygen saturation of preterm infants. 

The ultimate goal is to bring Pioneer to the market first for brain imaging in preterm infants and to expand it to many other clinical fields (e.g., anesthesia, oncology, angiology, intensive care medicine).

Jingjing is a junior group leader affiliated with  Prof. Martin Wolf's neonatology research group at USZ. Prof. Wolf is highly engaged in translating new techniques to clinical application and is also Chairman of the Board of Oxyprem.

Andreea Loredana Cretu, PhD