Paper from medtech fellow, Dr. Ruiqing Ni published in Nature Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Ni and her team developed novel multiscale optoacoustic and optical imaging methods to detect amyloid-beta noninvasively in Alzheimer disease mouse models, at a resolution from 100 micron to single plaque level.

The work is the result of teamwork led by Prof. Razansky, Prof. Klohs, Dr. Ni, Dr. Chen, and Dr. Dean-Ben,  in collaboration with Prof. Helmchen, Prof. Aguzzi, Prof. Arosio, Prof. Nilsson, Prof. Nitsch.


Ni Ruiqing, Chen Zhenyue, Deán-Ben Xosé Luís, Voigt Fabian. F, Kirschenbaum Daniel, Shi Gloria, Villois Alessia, Zhou Quanyu, Crimi Alessandro, Arosio Paolo, Nitsch Roger M., K. Nilsson Peter R., Aguzzi Adriano, Helmchen Fritjof, Klohs Jan, Razansky Daniel. (2022). Multiscale optical and optoacoustic imaging of amyloid-β deposits in mice. Nature Biomedical Engineering. doi:  10.1038/s41551-022-00906-1


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Andreea Loredana Cretu, PhD