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Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM

BEI program Module B - Final pitches on 29 June 2022

BEI Module B 2022

What a marvelous end to our BEI Module B! The past 10 weeks have been filled with valuable talks from our entrepreneurs & experts in residence and with lots of hands-on tasks for our project teams.

Today, after an excellent presentation from Raffael Kellner (Venturelab) and Simon Breitler (EraCal Therapeutics ), our 6 teams pitched their innovative lifesciences projects!

Congratulations to the winners of the best pitch award: NeoNiro - Jingjing Jiang & Martin Mecchia and to all the other teams for their high-quality work! You surely made the job of our jury very difficult today.

Special thank you to our jury members for your questions and feedback: Nicola Benz, Simon Hoerstrup, Tytus LitynskiLidia Novak, CFARaffael Kellner

B Module B winning team

Andreea Loredana Cretu, PhD