BioMed Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The University of Zurich, as well as all other universities belonging to the League of European Research Universities (LERU), emphasizes the entrepreneurial importance at universities in its advice paper from 2019.

In recent years, UZH and IREM launched various programs and collaborations which support researchers in translating important life science discoveries into a change in clinical practice, new medications, diagnostics, or devices.

Have a look at the BioMed Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

UZH IncubatorLab

The UZH IncubatorLab provides UZH Entrepreneur Fellows with access to first-class research infrastructure for MedTech projects. The lab is hosted by the Institute of Regenerative Medicine · IREM.

Translational Development Accelerator

The Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA) is an academic translational centre at the University of Zurich with the mission to drive excellence in translational medicine and to support bioentrepreneurs who want to develop new promising therapies for patients with high unmet medical needs.

USZ Health Innovation Hub

The Health Innovation Hub is a key strategic initiative of the University Hospital Zurich to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. By identifying and accelerating novel healthcare solutions, its foremost goal is to improve patients’ lives. The Health Innovation Hub provides a variety of support packages, personalized to the innovators’ needs, ranging from coaching, infrastructure to financing and more.

UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships in BioTech and MedTech

The UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships at the University of Zurich provide funding, training, lab facilities and expert advice to young researchers who intend to start up a company based on UZH research.

UZH Innovation Hub

The UZH Innovation Hub is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich. It acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of new inventions and ideas and strengthens the transfer of innovative research and teaching to the economy and society.

Wyss Zurich

The Wyss Zurich is a joint accelerator of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), which was made possible by a generous donation from the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. h.c. mult. Hansjörg Wyss. It was established to foster translational research focused on developing treatment protocols and clinical therapies, as well as novel technologies and intelligent systems, in the emerging fields of Regenerative Medicine and Robotics and related hybrid technologies.


Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is one of the major universities of the arts in Europe. The study and research program covers areas of design, film, fine arts, music, dance, theatre, transdisciplinary studies, and the teaching of art and design.

The BEI program cooperates with the ZHdK in order to increase the diversity of the teams and expand important areas of design.

Visually attractive and comprehensible design are of particular importance for any external communication of start-ups.

One significant collaboration is with the department 'Design' and its Bachelor’s degree specialization Scientific Visualization. In this course designers visualize complex medical topics. Check out the result of the cooperation with UZH's projects InCephalo Therapeuticsas well as Proban and Swiros.