Entrepreneurs & Experts in Residence

The following 'Entrepreneurs and Experts in Residence' kindly contributed to the BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation Program since its launch in 2016:

Dr. Carole Ackermann

Carole Ackermann

CEO, Diamonscull AG




Dr. Patrick Amstutz

Patrick Amstutz

CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, Molecular Partners AG




Thierry Barbey

Thierry Barbey

M.A. HSG in Law, LL.M., Rechtsanwalt, Partner, Kellerhals & Carrard




Nicola Benz

Nicola Benz

Attorney at Law and Partner, FRORIEP Legal AG




Dr. Richard Brudnick

Richard Brudnick

CBO and Head of Strategy, Codiak BioSciences Inc.





Prof. Dr. Zeynep Erden

Zeynep Erden

Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management, Vlerick Business School




Bettina Ernst, PhD.

Bettina Ernst

Co-Founder and CEO, Preclin Biosystems AG 





Dr. Dominik Escher

Dominik Escher

Partner,  Pureos Bioventures





Dr. Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual

Dr. Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual

Co-Founder and CEO, TOLREMO therapeutics AG





Jan Fülscher

Jan Fülscher

President & CEO, Senozon AG





Dr. Dragan Grabulovski

dragan grabulovski

CEO and Founder, Grabulovski Consulting Services





Laurent Grandidier

Gianmaria Sbetta

Entrepreneur, board member, business angel





Dr. Jan Grimm

Jan Grimm

Managing Director & CSO, Neurimmune AG





Dr. med. Regina Grossmann

Regina Grossmann

Head, Clinical Trials Center





Dr. Karsten Henco

Karsten Henco

Managing Partner, HS LifeSciences





Dr. Wolfgang Henggeler

Dr. Wolfgang Henggeler


Technology Transfer Manager & Head Physical Sciences, Unitectra




Pascal Honold

Pascal Honold

Attorney at Law and Partner, Wenger & Vieli AG





Mario Jenni

Mario Jenni

Co-Founder and CEO, Bio-Technopark Schlieren





Dr. Josua Jordi

Josua Jordi

CEO and Co-Founder, EraCal Therapeutics AG





Dr. Martin Kayser

Martin Kayser

CTO and Qualified Person, Wyss Zurich





Dr. Stephanie Krumholz

Stephanie Krumholz

General Manager, NDA Switzerland





Dr. Jan Lichtenberg

Jan Lichtenberg

Co-Founder and CEO, InSphero AG





Dr. Karim Maizar

Karim Maizar

Partner and Head of Startup Desk, Kellerhals Carrard





Dr. Daniela Marino

Daniela Marino

Co-Founder and CEO, CUTISS AG





Dr. Christian Moser

Dr. Holger Müller

Holger Müller

Vice PresidentHealth Advances





Dr. Reto Naef

Reto Naef

CEO, Topadur Pharma AG





Dr. Sandra Neumann

Sandra Neumann

CEO and FounderPeripal AG





Antonio Pavese

Antonio Pavese

Global Commercial Leader, Merck Group





Olga Peters

Olga Peters

Co-Founder and CFO, QualySense AG





Dr. Kurt Ruffieux

Dr. Kurt Ruffieux


KOVE medical AG





Alice Šáchová

Alice Šáchová

Co-Founder, Collective63 AG



Gianmaria Sbetta

Gianmaria Sbetta

Startup Program Manager, Venturelab





Konstantin von Schulthess, lic. Iur., MBA

Konstantin von Schulthess

Co-Founder and CFO, CDR-Life Inc.





Adrian Sigrist

Adrian Sigrist


Associate Director & Head Life Sciences, Unitectra





Mario Stark, MA

Mario Stark


CEO, Vivior AG





PD Dr. Valerie Treyer

Valerie Treyer

Research Manager Nuclear Medicine, UniversitätsSpital Zürich





Dr. Michael Wacker

Michael Wacker


CBO, Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG





Dr. Andreas Wallnöfer

Dr. Andreas Wallnöfer


Partner, BioMedPartners AG





Harry Welten, MBA

Harry Welten

Member of the Board of Directors of various life science companies






Dr. Tomas de Wouters

Tomas de Wouters

CEO and Co-Founder, PharmaBiome






Christian Wyss

Christian Wyss


Attorney at Law and Partner, VISCHER AG



Dr. Martin Zoche

Dr. Martin Zoche


Head Laboratory for Molecular Tumor Profiling, UniversitätsSpital Zürich